Calm Cares

The Calm Spa and Salon team have launched the non-profit organization  “Calm Cares” taking the initiative to help others in need. As a team, we have created our first project “Giving to Ghana.”

We are united in a goal to “free the children and give them hope!” An effort to provide necessary funding to help these children recover from the devastating effects of what they have been put through; and we need your help.

The Story

One of the biggest social problems Ghana is facing is child trafficking: thousands of children are recruited, transported, transferred and traded to become cheap labor. A major contributor to this problem is the fishing industry in the Volta region.


In the east of Ghana lies Lake Volta, the world’s biggest man-made lake. At a glance a beautiful lake, but it contains an ugly and shocking truth. Going to the lake, you will see hundreds of children working; peddling, bailing water, fishing and diving to disentangle nets. They are sold or given away by their families, brought into a strange and often hostile environment, exposed to dangerous and unhealthy situations.



The children, some only 4 years old, are at the mercy of a master (fisherman) who treat them as cheap laborers who can be maltreated. Because the child has little value to his master, there is no necessity to clothe or feed them properly. They have no access to health care or education and work for very long hours which at times is very dangerous. A lot of child slaves witness the death of others, who are sometimes their friends.


“All the time I was working on the lake, I was aware that I could die too, at any moment.”
(Kwaku, rescued from child trafficking in 2009)

Poverty, ignorance and lack of education can be seen as the three most important reasons why child labor and child trafficking in Ghana exists.

The Plan



We traveled to Ghana ( at our own expenses) in August 2018 and completed most of the boarding home for rescued child slaves “Melor Vinye Wo” (I love all my children), we spread awareness to the local community, met over 80 rescued children and helped to try and free children that were working on the lake.


There is still much to do to help combat this problem and we need your help! ALL donations will go towards supplies to finish the facility, rescuing future children from slavery, and towards the children’s future within the facility. We want to help empower the children of Ghana and give them hope!



We ask you to participate in a truly noble cause. Success of the organizations dedicated to resolving this problem is dependent on you and your generosity.

Support The Cause

Calm Cares

Giving to Ghana
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Ways To Donate

– Click button above

– In person, at Calm Spa and Salon

– Venmo @CalmCares

Any amount you can donate will be greatly appreciated by us and the children of Ghana

Together, we will make a difference

Giving to Ghana custom bracelet is now available! 100% of proceeds will go towards our cause. The interior is engraved with “Melor Vinye Wo” which means “I love all my children” This is the name of the safe haven home.


Tia Creer$500.00
Tia Creer$500.00
Tia Creer$500.00
Tia Creer$500.00
Joan Hurtado$100.00
Tia Creer$500.00
Joan Hurtado$300.00
Tia Creer$500.00
Giving to Ghana Donation Box #3$257.00
Brian Simpson$200.00
Kate Thomas$250.00
Todd & Jess PowellFor PACODEP$426.00
Tanisha Barlow$25.00
Janilyn AndersonVenmo$25.00
Joan Hurtado$100.00
Laura PalmerVenmo$25.00
Tia CreerVenmo$100.00
Tia CreerVenmo$100.00
Edwards Family$100.00
Kindra WhitakerFB/IG Challenge$5.00
Kindra WhitakerFB/IG Challenge$5.00
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Megan Penrod FB/IG Challenge$50.00
Kadee BallardFB/IG Challenge$5.00
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Zac BlumeFacebook$50.00
Amy CalvertEMS HOOPTECH$1,000.00
Destry Russell$150.00
Colette Odekirk$200.00
Brett and Doraleen Penrod$500.00
Marie Stratton$500.00
Lisa IngoThank you for getting me gas the other day. I'm paying it forward by donating and telling my church community your website so they can look at your cause as well.$20.00
Mary Alice Hunter$2.00
Tristyn Sanders💙$5.00
Bailey DeleoLife 🌻$10.00
Connor Creer$100.00
Mike Wood Field$10.00
Todd & Jess PowellTia's $2 challenge!$200.00
Calm Donation Box$2.00
Austin Ure$2 challengeHidden
Shanae Kennedi & Baby Grace Olsen$2 challenge$6.00
Brad Michele & Connor Creer$2 challenge$6.00
Jackson & Cherese Emery$50.00
Giving to Ghana Donation Box #2$224.00
Hallie Bell$2.00
Ammie Gillespie$20.00
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Whitney Aiono$5.00
Hailee Jesperson$2.00
Jordan Melendez$2 challenge$5.00
Alison Hegerhorst Larsen$2 challenge$10.00
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Terry PattersonWhat you girls are doing is incredible!$200.00
Tia & Nate CreerOur pocket change is making a change!$207.00
Rebecca EdwardsMen's Hair Cut$35.00
Rebecca EdwardsMen's cut donation$30.00
Kathleen RokusThank you for helping the children!$30.00
Sadie GreenFor the Kids in Ghana$30.00
Rebecca Edwards$10.00
Rebecca Edwards$30.00
Mr. and Mrs. Losee$100.00
Kristin Short$10.00
New Star Communications $5,000.00
Jim and Marlane WilliamsCleaning the Wright Way Donation - ST Patrick's day Event$300.00
St. Patty's Day event$940.00
Tom and Teddi Stubbs- St. Patty's Day$100.00
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Calm Cares Scrub$223.00
Steffanie Williams$10.00
Zac BlumeThis is such a noble cause. Go save some lives girls.$100.00
Tresa StoneBecca you are an amazing person! I am so happy to call you my friend. What you are doing for these kids is so inspiring! So for your birthday I want to help get you one step close to making this happen.$30.00
Kandance Cuts$30.00
Nancy Kelley$50.00
Jerr Kelley$60.00
Calm Girls(Jenn Tia Meg Tay Tika Krista Brennan Emily Blakley Tiana Amber Osan Mckale Becca Leslie Bailey)$700.00
Nate Creer$100.00
Tia CreerGo Calm!$100.00
Ashley Davis$100.00
Tamara Pinder$100.00
Megan Smith$130.00
Meet and Greet Santa Event$854.00
Ryan Krause$10.00
Mason and Rachel King$50.00
Joan HurtadoThanks for caring and sharing. Appreciate you guys!$200.00
Alexander Atwood$20.00
Etika and Jordan LambWe are so excited to be apart of this! We will continue to help any way we can!!$25.00
David & Randi PowellWe are so proud of all of you at Calm Spa and Salon! Keep up all your great work…Make a difference in these precious children's lives. $1,000.00
Tyler Powell$200.00
Todd and Jessica PowellAs owners of Calm Spa and Salon we are starting this fundraiser with a donation! $5,000.00

Our Partners

Compassionate Journeys

(Founder: Amanda Christmann) Established the Melor Vinye Wo, safe haven for the children. They emphasize cultural exchange, interpersonal connections, sustainable social change, personal growth and empowerment.



(Founder: George Achibra) They are a local Ghanaian non governmental organization. They have been in the trenches for many years, working with child slave owners, legislators, and advocating for children in Ghana.





Local Companies joining the cause

We want to give a special thank you to our local partners!